Sleep Evaluation?

To find out what is affecting your sleep we will conduct a careful one-on-one assessment. Targeted lifestyle adjustments may already improve your sleep. If needed we will perform additional diagnostics such as sleep studies preferably in your own home or at a sleep laboratory. Based on the results we will then develop together a personalized, stepwise plan for you to sleeping well again.

What we offer:

  1. Thorough assessment in one-on-one consultation. Additional diagnostics if needed.
  2. Portable overnight home sleep testing to diagnose sleep apnea or in-lab polysomnography at a collaborating sleep laboratory. Other tests available: MSLT, MWT, PAP-NAP.
  3. Individualized exploration of therapy options depending on your preference, other medical conditions and state-of the art recommendations from conventional and integrative-holistic medical approaches.
  4. Full spectrum of treatments for sleep apnea such as PAP therapy, dental appliances, surgical options, positional therapy, lifestyle changes and more in close collaboration with experienced colleagues in other specialties.
  5. Continuity of care focused on you including adjustments of therapies based on technology feed-back and your experience.